Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Worst tree damage in at least 60 years

Photo by B. Wallace
Bennet Drive ~ King City
I have lived in King City for 60 years. I was a young teenager when my family moved to beautiful King City from Weston in the mid-1950s.   I've thought about it carefully and I cannot remember an ice storm that created as much tree damage as the one that occurred at the end of December.   The amount of limb and branch debris is remarkable and it is taking a long time for King citizens and our township to deal with the great amount of downed wood.   Most of the damage has been to softwood trees although I have seen some hardwoods shattered also.   Here's hoping that this is what's known as a '100-year' or 'lifetime' event.   Damage as pictured above, just a few doors from my own home, was almost startling.   It was widespread and quite severe in many places.   We were without power for three days and sat and slept beside the fireplace.   It was an example of how we take many things, like the environment, for granted...until our little worlds are turned upside down.   It's a cruel wind however that doesn't blow some good.   We now have a new stack of firewood for the fireplace.
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Barry Wallace