Sunday, July 29, 2012

Denise traded King City for James Bay

Photo by Denise Georgekish
This photograph of Arctic Fritillaries looks like it could have been taken in my backyard garden in King City, but it was taken in Wemindji, a Cree indian village on the Quebec side of James Bay, almost 1,500 kms., due north of King City.   You can drive all the way there now.   My youngest sister, Denise, lives in Wemindji and she took the photograph, above, in her garden.   How on earth she had the patience to wait for these butterflies to congregate so closely is beyond me.   Denise grew up in King City but has been in northern Quebec for a few decades now, where she lives with her children and grandchildren.   Somehow, this photo makes her feel a little closer.
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Barry Wallace   

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