Thursday, December 13, 2012

Puck's Farm critters

I was driving slowly down the 11th Concession yesterday and passed Puck's Farm.   I noticed several of the animals in the pasture to the north of the barns.   There were horses, cows, a donkey and geese.   Thinking there might be a chance for a photo, I backed up, got out of the Jeep  and walked to the fence with my camera.   As I stood there contemplating the bucolic, but chilly scene, the animals all started to head my way.   After a couple minutes, there was a horde of critters up against the fence, eyeing me expectantly.   I introduced myself and scratched as many heads as I could.   These friendly creatures are, of course, quite used to people wandering all over the Puck's Farm grounds.   They certainly seemed to be making me feel welcome...and it felt really good.   
Photos by Barry Wallace