Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August returns whence it came...

Photos by Barry Wallace
September is upon us
Is it just me, in my dotage, or does anyone else feel that the month of August just zoomed by?   Summer will be over in just three weeks!   When I was a child, summer seemed to last a whole year.   All of a sudden, I was looking at a new snow shovel in the hardware store on the weekend.   The tree, pictured above, on the King-Vaughan townline is not unique...many trees are flirting with autumn colors already.   Spotless orange school buses at Hwy. 400 and the King-Vaughan townline sit, ready to roll in a few days.

Brightly coloured potted Chrysanthemums are harbingers of both September and fall. I photographed the ones pictured above, at Round The Bend market at Kettleby. Another marker of the fall season is the sunflower.   I photographed the ones below on the west side of Jane Street, just south of the Sacred Heart Cemetery.

Sadly, for some, summer vacation is always over to soon.   But for others, getting back to school is welcomed in many ways.   The reader board (pictured above) at King City Secondary School, shows that lowly grade-9ers have to start their first day of school at 8 .am. - and hour before all others.   That's only for day one however.
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Barry Wallace

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  1. No truer words spoken! we feel the same but your blog gives us colour and life
    with all the flowers just lovely .