Sunday, January 24, 2016

Clear the track, guys

 Photos by Barry Wallace
GO Train's a comin'
Workers with several trucks equipped with railway track wheels, as well as road tires, were busy inspecting/conferring on the Go Train line between the King City station and Dufferin Street on Wednesday afternoon of this week.   They were gone well before the first northbound train made its way through the village, a bit before 4.30 p.m.

The truck above can be seen riding the rails on its lowered metal wheels, while the two trucks below can be seen with their steels wheels retracted and sitting on their rubber tires, on the sides of the roads where the train tracks pass the train station in King City and then further on over Dufferin Street.   

A northbound GO Train passes beneath the King Road and then Keele Street, just to the west and north of the historic Hogan's Inn, the large red brick building seen at the top left-hand corner of the photo.
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Barry Wallace

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