Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Eversley Presbyterian Church - built in 1848

Photos by Barry Wallace

The Eversley Presbyterian Church is now owned by JTF Homes Ltd., a custom estate property development company.   It began as a church in 172 years ago on Dufferin Street, close to King City.   It closed 110 years later in 1958.   In 1960, it was purchased by Lady Eaton.  It was taken over by the York Pioneer and Historical Society in 1967, and was sold as part of the Lady Eaton estate in 1971.   Upkeep of the old church has been conducted by several occupants over the last several decades.   I think it is fair to say that old church and the property it sits on, accompanied by a pioneer graveyard looks as attractive today as it ever has.   After 172 years of existence, it looks as though it could easily serve some appropriate cause for another 100 years.   This is a one-of-kind treasure for King and long may it inspire us.  Fascinating information on this Eversley landmark is to be gained from Elizabeth McClure Gillham's 1975 book entitled "Early Settlements of KING TOWNSHIP Ontario".

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  1. It is a charming little church, and I had the comment of James (above) made me laugh too.

  2. Got married there in December 1979. I remember passing it on the way to school, riding on the school bus. I am happy it still stands and looks like it has been very well maintained.