Friday, April 12, 2024

Last CAMERA ON KING blog...


                                 (Photo by Linda Wallace)

It's been just over 13 years ago since I started this blogsite.  This installment is number 1,273 and it is what I expect to be my last one.   I'm in my 83rd year and I've decided to slow down a bit and try some new things other than blogging in the months and years ahead.   It's been a great experience and I have no regrets about tramping all over and photographing this part of York Region, particularly the wonderful King Ridge.  I've included a few photos below showing the diversity of this part of Ontario. 

King ~ green for evermore
Barry Wallace


  1. As one who grew up in the King City that we both experienced , I want to thank you for the time you took to post the people and places on your blog. For me , it trigged many memories that had been lost over time. I was in King was just last year for my Moms service at the cemetery. Catching up with old friends and neighbours , I realized that would be my last visit to the town we were all blessed to call home.

  2. Barry, thank you so much for the great pictures and stories over the years. I have truly enjoyed them and as you know taken many a hike on places that you blogged about!

    I wish you many more years of good health and happiness!

    Best Regards,

    Warren G.

  3. Thanks Barry - been following for years and enjoyed the stories and captions in time. Enjoy the new journey - will keep browsing the site for hopefully some adhoc posts!

  4. Hi Barry, as much as I do understand your decision, but it made me sad. See it as a compliment. Would it make me sad, if your blog with the beautiful pictures and stories didn't mean anything to me? I left King almost 14 years ago, it was not only the beautiful township, but also the wonderful people I got to know there, that made me feel connected to that place and your posts helped me through this transition. Thank you for your wonderful blog. Thank you for the stories. Hope that now and then you still find something interesting to share with us. Best wishes.