Monday, October 31, 2011

Only in Ontario - so far

Photo by Barry Wallace
I headed out of King City this morning to do a little birdwatching and came upon this odd-looking contraption where the the CN railway tracks cross Dufferin Street, south of Eversley.   I had to stop for a picture, of course, and to make an enquiry of the work crew.   Officially, this is a transporter.   It can go on paved roads and railways.   Specifically, it is designed to deliver, along the tracks, crushed aggregate which is used as the bed material for ties and tracks.   The fellow I spoke with said it was the only machine of its kind in Ontario, Maybe in Canada, and it was brand new.   Considering the high volume of commuter train traffic on this line, I suppose it makes sense to maintain tracks using the most modern and efficient equipment available.   No doubt, this nifty number will attract its share of attention (and double-takes) up and down the line, for the next little while.   Two more trains have been added to the Toronto commuter runs and the King City station parking lots are jammed to over-flowing.
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  1. How interesting. Things often strike me, but I never have a camera to capture them!