Saturday, September 1, 2012

New KCSS sports field not user friendly

 Photo by Barry Wallace
Somewhat shocked was my reaction when I was confronted by this locked gate and sign at the new football field and running track at the King City Secondary School.   A year in the making, at God-knows at what cost, and I can't even take a walk around the track or throw a football to my grandson.   The ominous black fence makes the facility looks like a prison yard.   Apparently permission can be had to use the facility by obtaining a permit.   Does that mean each time I want to run a couple of laps, or play catch, or fly a kite with my grandkids, I have to apply for a permit?   All those tax dollars and I'm locked out.   This is a step backward.   I liked it better the old way, when I didn't feel like a trespasser.
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Barry Wallace

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