Monday, September 17, 2012

Schomberg Street Gallery

Photos by Barry Wallace
The originality, creativity and execution that went into the Scarecrow Contest at this year's Schomberg Steet Gallery art show certainly got the attention of all visitors.

What better than crows to decorate your scarecrow?
Families with children kept the horse-drawn wagon very busy on Main Street.
Some customers of the Schomberg Pub & Patio rode their own horses into town, tied them up at the patio, and sat down for a 'cool one'.
Hundreds of art patrons at the Schomberg Street Gallery passed by this completely oblivious puss on Main Street, on Sunday afternoon.   The weather was perfect for its sunny siesta.
This charming Main Street home is located right in the middle of Schomberg.   The entire front lawn is not a lawn at all, but is one gorgeous flower garden.   The property is for sale so you could be the one sitting on the verandah at next year's Street Gallery.
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Barry Wallace 

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