Sunday, February 10, 2013

King City ~ early 1900s

Photo courtesy of Dave Hunter
Looking south on Keele Street from the King Road
This photo was taken around 1910 with McDonald's Store and post office (now Locale Restaurant & Bar) on the left, with the automobile parked in front.   South of that is Winter's Store (now the Paper Crane Sushi Bar & Bistro).   On the right of the photo are the buildings associated with John Hogan's Hotel (now Hogan's Inn).   This photo belongs to King City 'old boy' Dave Hunter, who now resides in Parry Sound, Ontario.   He shared it with another King City 'old boy', my brother, Bob Wallace, who now resides in Nobel, Ontario, who passed it on to me.
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Barry Wallace  


  1. When I came to King City in the early 1960s, McDonalds store had become Crawford Wells General Store. We thought of it as quaint, and the lovely people who ran it were a hub of information to we newcomers. They sold all kinds of farm-style clothing, but had lots of other stuff for young families. I loved the creaky floors which added to the ambience.

  2. Love to see old photos like these depicting life as it was.

  3. I love seeing these old photos! I remember in the mid-1950's as a kid, buying presents (china knickknacks mostly) for my Mom for Mother's Day etc at Crawford Wells. I still fondly remember the counters and the lovely creaky wooden floors!