Sunday, October 20, 2013

Love stories

Long-time King Township resident David Love has recently been recognized, once again, for his charitable endeavours.   Most recently, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Greater Toronto Chapter announced its 2013 Philanthropy Awards, and David  has received a Lifetime Achievement Award.   He will receive his honour at the Philanthropy Awards Luncheon on November 20th as part of Congress 2013, the Greater Toronto's Chapter's annual conference.   David has raised millions of dollars for environmental organizations over his 44 year career as a fundraiser.   His hands-on executive contributions have benefited the likes of Pollution Probe, the World Wildlife Fund, the Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto, Bird Studies Canada, and many other causes for the environment.   Earlier this year David and his wife Ann made an impressive donation of land, in the Happy Valley area of King, to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.   The 90 acres of land atop the Oak Ridges Moraine is           affectionately known as Love Mountain and is a tribute to a cultural and family history.   Mark Stabb, the NCC Ontario program manager said: "The Love family is leaving a wonderful natural legacy that also honours their family legacy, and we are so pleased they chose NCC to receive this gift, and trust us to guard it."   After 44 years however, David is a little more rueful when he stated in a recent Toronto Star Digital Access story by Catherine Porter: "By every single biological measure, the planet is going down.   The environmental movement's been a colossal failure.   We put all our money and time and effort into the wrong place.   I spent 20 years at the world Wildlife Fund saving polar bears.   That's not the problem.   People in the city are the problem."   Meanwhile, Ann Love, who is also an environmental partner with her husband David, has just finished writing and publishing a new book entitled Pandemic Survival: it's why you're alive, which she co-authored with her sister, Jane Drake.   Together, the sisters have written and published over 35 non-fiction titles for junior and intermediate students.   Their first book on a best-seller list was the Kids Cottage Book, publihed in 1992.   Ann was a teacher-librarian for many years but has retired to concentrate on writing and painting, among other things.   Ann is also active in several King Township endeavours, like her husband David, and these Loves love birdwatching.

Photo of David Love (top right) by Mark Cullen
Lower photo of Ann Love (left) and Jane Drake (right) by Will Barnett 
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  1. Bravo Love family. Great article you wrote Barry. Please give them my regards and best wishes.