Friday, November 8, 2013

Jack-o'-lanterns revisited

Photo by Barry Wallace
This is one of the pumpkins that decorated my neighbour Rob's front door on Hallowe'en.   It now sits by the side of the road, next to the leaf bags,` waiting to be picked up for recycling.   I was amazed this year to see so many pumpkins with non-traditional symbols carved into them. The choice of designs seems endless and I felt very uncomfortable trying to interpret some them.   The one above is obvious: Boston Bruins...or is it Boston Bumpkins, or Boston Pumpkins.   I thought my street was Maple Leafs territory from one end to the other.   It seems as I get older, more and more of the traditions from my youth are yielding to changing tastes.   Try as I may I just don't see how jack-'o-lanterns like the one above are supposed to be scary... clever, but not scary.
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Barry Wallace

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