Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nails in 2014 ~ eggs in 1956

Photo by Barry Wallace
The building on the north side of the King Road, directly opposite Fisher Street, in the middle of King City, appears to have a new business about to open there.   The signs for "Spa di da Nails"  went up this past weekend.   I wish this new venture every success, but so far know very little about it.   I can tell a story about this building from almost 60 years ago, back in 1956.   I was a young teenager who had been living in King City for less than two years.   On Hallowe'en of my second year in the village I was out and about with a couple of new friends.   At one point we passed by the building above, which was a restaurant then and operated by a fellow who everyone knew as a "real character".   The fellow was standing on the front porch of the building with a basket dangling from one hand. My friends and I, on the south side of the King Road (in front of the old Baptist church) hollered over: "Shell out, shell out, or we'll break your windows inside out!"   I don't recall ever hearing "Trick or treat" back then.   The next thing my friends and I heard was the diner operator calling out to us and reaching into his basket for what we thought were Hallowe'en treats.   He threw the treats across the street to us but it wasn't candy - it was raw eggs in the shell!   He laughed like a madman while we stumbled about covered in gooey egg yolks and whites.   We were momentarily dumbfounded but soon took off down King Road toward the four corners before the second and third round of eggs found their mark.   We weren't the only young fellows who got 'egged' that night.   For the next couple of days, no matter how much we denied it, we were notorious for having been 'egg-bombed'.   My memory is a little foggy after all those years, but I don't recall anyone ever retaliating against that "real character" restauranteur.

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Barry Wallace 

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  1. Most likely now you are smiling when retelling this story. Right?