Monday, July 27, 2015

Bell tolls in closed Nobleton Church

 Photos by Barry Wallace
While driving north on Hwy. 27, just above the King Road, and passing the old and closed St. Alban's Anglican Church, I suddenly heard the former church's bell tolling in the tower.   I was momentarily amazed.   I passed the church but turned around and went back to investigate.   Two gentlemen were working on the fence, at the back of the one-time church.   I asked them if I had just heard the tolling of the bell in the tower. They laughed and said yes I had heard the tolling bell.   They explained a real estate agent was in the old church at the moment and that it had to be him who rang the bell, so it wasn't my imagination.   The deconsecrated church is being offered for rent as a redeveloped commercial site.   A tall and substantial fence has already been constructed between the old church and the adjoining community cemetery, to the west (see photo below).   The core of Nobleton is undergoing what appears to be a number of redevelopment projects, one of which is pictured at bottom.   It is the the Pringle Square Condominiums, located on the south-west corner of Hwy. 27 and Wilsen Road, just south of the old Anglican Church and a block north of the King Road.

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Barry Wallace

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