Friday, July 24, 2015

King Heritage & Cultural Centre scenes

 Photos by Barry Wallace
A few things caught my eye on Tuesday when I dropped into the old museum in Kinghorn.   The first thing I had not seen before was the the mammoth boulder near the road with a Toronto Carrying Place plaque attached to it.   There are a few others of these plaques placed in York Region as markers for the historic portaging route from Toronto to Lake Simcoe, which includes a lengthy section in King Township, up and over the King Ridge.   Another scene that caught my attention was the continuing construction of the grand stone terrace (pictured below) at the rear of the KHCC.   The stones are huge and the work is painstaking.   This new feature looks to be very impressive and useful for outdoor gatherings.   The two photos at the bottom of this blog show two of the artistic works in the current ASK summer art show.   The first is a watercolour, entitled Floral Rhapsody by Evangeline Munns, while the second is an oil-on-canvas, called Royal Crown by Ileen Kohn.   The transition from museum to a heritage and cultural centre is a work in progress for everyone concerned, but the future of the facility promises new, stimulating and fascinating opportunities under one roof for historical and cultural pursuits.

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