Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Coppa's ~ formerly known at Highland Farms

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Coppa's Fresh Market, which is opening its fourth store in the new King's Ridge Marketplace in King City, is the 4th store in the Coppa's chain of specialty food stores.   The other three Coppa's stores were formerly Highland Farms stores and there are still some other Highland Farms stores operating under that name.   The changes came about because of a difference of marketing goals between the the two Coppa brothers who owned the original Highland Farms chain.   One brother decided to keep operating under the Highland Farms banner, while the other brother decided to operate his share of the business under the brothers' family name of Coppa: hence Coppa's Fresh Market.   Some observers have said that the two food chains are similar, but with some differences.   The King City Coppa's however should show a big step forward in store size and marketing strategies.   The photos below show the 50,000 sq. ft. Coppa's store under construction, with footings and utilities services well underway.   Other than a number of construction workers on the site, it is hundreds of seagulls that are already regular customers.   Every time a load of earth is moved, the seagulls have a new food supply  of worms and bugs.

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Barry Wallace

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