Saturday, August 29, 2015

Laskay Lane ~ along the East Humber River

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Old unused mailboxes on Laskay Lane 
Laskay Lane is one of the oldest roads in King Township.   Calling it a road however is perhaps overdoing it and lane is probably more fitting to the one-lane track running east from Weston Road, along the north bank of the East Humber River. The lane is halfway between the King Road and the King-Vaughan Townline, in the middle of the old hamlet.   A handful of homes are located on the lane before it eventually  reaches the last residence.   And it's hard to tell when you are leaving the public right-of-way and moving upon private right-of-way.   I park my Jeep and walk the lane instead of driving on it.   It's certainly more enjoyable that way.   I first walked here 60 years ago as a young teenager.   Back then, along with new Laskay friend, Dan Buddin, we would go into the Laskay Emporium and cut and buy chunks of cheddar cheese which was kept under at large glass bell on a huge, round, wooden block.   We'd wash the cheese down with bottles of cold Orange Crush.

Private East Humber riverside gazebo

Above and below ~ a small Laskay Lane bridge 
spans a small tributary of the Humber

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Barry Wallace


  1. The tree reminds me of an article I read last week

  2. Excellent Post, Barry. Love the mail boxes.