Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Reading 50 of Pierre Berton's books...


My old high school buddy, Ted Bird (longtime Schomberg resident and businessman), told me last Christmas he was embarking on an odyssey to read 50 of Canadian author Pierre Berton's books.  Berton is pictured at right.

I quickly realized that I had never read a book by Pierre Berton, so decided to read at least one.   Ted (pictured at left) and I have now read about 13 of Berton's books, all non-fiction, and we have both come to know how very little we knew of Canadian history and how incredibly researched and well written are the man's works.

Will we continue to read another 37 of Berton's books? Maybe. I've known Ted for almost 65 years and he has  always been as stubborn as a mule.....and I like a challenge.  We should know how close we get to 50 by next Christmas.  I'll update this blog entry sometime this summer.

Please comment if you wish.
Barry Wallace


  1. Enjoy reading (please post some summaries so that we know for sure you are keeping up with your challenge). Now, I might pick up one of his books too.

  2. Hi Barry, I have a collection of Berton,s books.
    There is 23 and I have read them all. Betty used to baby sit his kids. Glenn