Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas Day at Marylake - King City

 Photos by Barry Wallace

I dropped into Marylake, just north of King City, on Christmas Day morning to hopefully get a picture of the nativity scene, if there was one.   There was one and the photo I took is seen below.   While there I met Father Eugene Tramble, Prior of the Marylake Monastery.   He was all by himself and was playing the massive organ in quite an accomplished manner, although he was very self-deprecating when I complimented his musicianship.   He chatted with me for several minutes and I was quite impressed by the 85-year-old's grasp of Marylake's significance to the local community and beyond.  I was charmed.  

Eugene Tramble
~ Prior, 
   Marylake Monastery

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Barry Wallace

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