Monday, July 27, 2020

15th Sideroad latest King paving project

Photos by Barry Wallace
Pictured above and below are two views of King's 15th Sidreoad which has recently been paved between Weston Road and the 8th Concession.   The job is part of an expansive program of road paving that is leaving very few gravel concession roads and sideroads in the township.

The photo above looks south on the 7th Concession from a point north of the 15th Sideroad where the old gravel road now ends and the new pavement takes over.
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Barry Wallace

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  1. Hey Barry, Nice blog.
    Thanks for the update on the newly paved King roads. I can tell you that the local road cycling community is completely thrilled that we can access all these new (mature) beautiful, scenic roads.
    By the way, my other hobby in addition to cycling is landscape photography, and I'm hoping to capture some more scenery of King in the near future.