Monday, June 14, 2021

Sunday morning at the spresso cafe - King City


Photos by Barry Wallace

Just about any morning of the week if you drive by the spresso cafe, on Keele Street, just south of the King Road, in King City, you will find an eye-catching collection of exotic, classic and collector cars, whose owners have stopped by for a coffee with other owners.   On Sunday morning, June 6, I stopped by to take pictures of some of the cars, and thought I'd share some of the pictures.   I'm showing about half of them in today's blog and the other half tomorrow.   I'm not identifying any of the cars or their ages, otherwise I would have been at the spresso all morning, and it was already 30C, which is away over this old guy's limit.

. . . a few more tomorrow

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Barry Wallace



  1. Barry I keep telling you that you need to own one of these Baby's. Which one would you pick?

  2. Corvette - back in the day , Bernie Beaupre owned a '58 - it was known through out the GTA.

  3. Wow - that Corvette - I seem to recall Allison, Auralee and I playing in an orange one just like that in someone's backyard just down the road from the house on Keele.