Saturday, April 9, 2022

King scene captured by A.J. Casson

A. J. Casson 's  'Spring Lasky'

Group of Seven artist A.J.Casson painted this late spring scene in King Township hamlet Laskay, atop the hill immediately south of the historic, one-time Laskay Emporium site.  Laskay Emporium is now located at the Black Creek Pioneer Village site in Toronto.   The Laskay scene is as bucolically charming in 2022 as it was when painted by Casson, ninety years ago in 1932.

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Barry Wallace


  1. The painting reminds me of a long ago summer - after loading bales onto a hay wagon , I'd climb up on top , lay back and enjoy the ride heading north on the 6th. through Lasky to the farm of Bob and Joyce Glass. I remember reaching up and able to grab maple leaves from the trees that lined the road. Hoping the ride would never end , because when it did I know I'd be up in the loft pulling bales off the elevator.
    Laying up there watching the world go by to the sound of an old John Deere was one of my favorite journeys.

  2. This picture by A J Casson does not do too much for Laskay. However, it was nice that he took the time to do this painting. I also remember the green John Deere that belonged to Marwoods. It had only 2 cylinders which made it go put, put, put. It is unfortunate that Laskay is now mostly overgrown with trees.