Saturday, August 13, 2022

New at King Heritage & Cultural Centre...


Photo by Barry Wallace

The York Region Experience
 Trail Marker Project
In York Region, the York Region Arts Council has installed the first of two installations of the York Region Experience Trail Marker Project, a collaborative interactive art project designed to re-connect people on the land presently known as York Region through art.   The piece, The Butterfly, pictured above is by aboriginal artist Donald Chretian, of Newmarket, and is an outdoor presentation beside the King Heritage & Cultural Centre at Kinghorn.   A second piece, The Bee (below), is to be found in Aurora, at the Aurora Town Park, at 49 Wells Street.   The unique style and impact of Aboriginal fine artist Donald Chretien springs from his combined passion for colour and woodland-style expression.   On ongoing exploration of his heritage has him concentrating on distinct features of Ojibwe clans with acrylic on canvas.

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Barry Wallace

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