Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Prime Minister Mulroney remembered...


I only met former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney once, many years ago, when he was electioneering and as a local newspaper publisher in York Region I got to meet him in a gentlemanly show of support.   I was a Liberal way back then, but the ownership of the newspaper was held by the 'Conservative' Bassett family, of the day.   My editor at the time wrote an editorial in support of the Conservatives, who were easily victorious on election day.   Nevertheless I recall the man being very friendly, outgoing and gentlemanly and he had a colourful past, throughout his careers. 

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Barry Wallace

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  1. Hi Barry, was that you on the left or your publisher? I remember the Bassett family, their daughter Carly was quite a tennis player back in the day.