Tuesday, January 24, 2012

East Humber River at Kingbridge Centre

Photos by Barry Wallace
The East Humber River churns beneath one of the three wooden bridges on the grounds of the Kingsbridge Centre, on Jane Street, south of the hamlet of Kinghorn.

Large Cedars and Creek Willows tower above the deep river valley, through which the East Humber flows.      It is now late January and the river is flowing free of ice, from bank to bank.   Mild weather has kept the Humber ice-free on its journey across all of southern King Township, so far this winter. 

Above, the mild, open winter and unfrozen river have allowed beaver to come out of their dens for fresh supplies of young saplings.   Water-lilies are the beaver's favourite food, but in winter, birch, poplar and willow trees are stored and eaten.   Below, snow flurries engulf a group of Kingsbridge conference participants preparing to test the archery skills. 

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