Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Maligned Peaker Plant nears completion

Photo by Barry Wallace

The Ontario Power Authority's York Energy Centre, also known as the 'Peaker Plant' is nearing completion, at Ansnorveldt in the Holland Marsh, in north-east King Township.   Despite a massive community protest about the Peaker Plant's location, the province prevailed.   The location makes sense from a logistical standpoint, given that four major electrical power lines intersect immediately south of the Peaker Plant's location, and Hydro One's Holland Transformer Station is immediately south of those lines.   It seems sensible to congregate all these utilities in the same area.   Not many, including me, now argue that the new plant is not needed.   But today, as I walked the Cawthra-Mulock Trail and hiked beneath the myriad of towers and wires that rise above the western end of the trail, there was not a bird to be seen or heard.   It was deathly quiet.   Not even the ubiquitous Chickadee was present.   I hike all over King Township pursuing my birdwatching hobby.   I have also walked the Cawthra-Mulock Trail many times, in all seasons.   The trail and fields beneath the towers there are always short of bird-song.   It's almost unique in the township.   Is there a connection?   What other explanation could there be?
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