Monday, May 28, 2012

Heavy Horses ~ Schomberg Fair 2012

Photos by Barry Wallace
Six teams of heavy horses competed in the 2012 Schomberg Fair this past weekend.   Two teams competed in the lighter class and four teams went head-to-head in the heavy class.   The weighted sled started at 3,000 lbs. and moved up in 1,000 lb. increments.   This is a spectacle that must be seen and heard to be appreciated.
 All of the equine competitors were Belgians, an immense breed known for its stamina and the seemingly preferred choice over Clydesdales and Percherons.   The contrast between the apparent raw power of these creatures and their fancy show-off harness is a treat for the eye.
  Weight was added between pulls in 1/2 ton increments.
'Basher and Smasher' lean into a pull at the 4,000 lb. level.
Pulling 5,000 lbs. ~ above and below
Below, the lone lady driver in the field won with her team in the lighter category (her team is pictured at the very top of this blog).   Her winning ribbon is clamped between her teeth.    The other team in this category was driven by her husband, who declined to attempt a heavier weight with his team.   Who says chivalry is an out-dated concept?

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Barry Wallace

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