Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Orchard Gallery

Photo by Barry Wallace
Meet Paul Harding, the man who runs the The Orchard Gallery at the Pine Farms Orchard on the north side of the 16th Sideroad of King Township, between Keele and Jane Streets.   This beautiful gallery and its outstanding Canadian fine art are tucked away, north of the bakery/cafe/store and beyond the flower beds in what used to be the one-time winery facility.   If you visit Pine Farms Orchard, you'll be extra pleased with yourself if you take a couple of minutes to see the art and soak-up the atmosphere of the gallery.   King Township's Helen Lucas is one of the artists I recognized.   Afterwards, there is a palette of colours outside in the gardens (see below).   A few minutes chatting with Paul Harding leaves you feeling you don't want to leave this heavenly spot on the King Ridge.
One last note...I bought two Cranberry Butter Tarts at the bakery.   Omigawd!   What a treat.
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Barry Wallace

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