Sunday, June 24, 2012

New secret spot at Seneca

Photos by Barry Wallace

I was bird-watching at Seneca College, on Dufferin Street, this past Saturday, and came across the sign, pictured at top, near the location of Villa Fiora ( Lady Eaton's first home in King  before Eaton Hall).   I knew the sign was a new feature and was curious to see what it portended.   Inside the adjacent cedar grove, pictured above, was an in-the-round art studio, equipped with several easels and a collection of paintings supplies.   Judging by the size of the easels, the painting being done here is created by children, and the setting is indeed magical.   Kudos to the creator of this simple but splendid venue.
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Barry Wallace

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  1. Thanks Barry! The King Day
    Camp has all sorts of these special magical places for kids to wonder an create in. The campus is indeed a special place.
    Thanks for your kind words.