Friday, June 29, 2012

Sushi Bar & Bistro to open in King City

Photo by Barry Wallace
New restaurant on Keele
King City's restaurant scene appears to becoming more interesting as the Paper Crane Sushi Bar & Bistro prepares to open on Keele Street, next to the Crawford Wells Emporium.   With so much new housing coming on stream and several commercial properties in the village up for sale or already changed hands, it seems the much-anticipated metamorphosis of the village (for better or worse) is well underway.
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Barry Wallace


  1. Now they have a sushi place!?!?! Now, when I can no longer afford to live there!?

  2. We went there the day the restaurant opened. It was a total mess. Once we were seatted they offered us something to drink. Half an hour later the order was taken. Another 40 minutes we've decided to leave but the owner assured us that in 2 minutes we would recieve our 3 appetizers. we've got it in 5 minutes. 15 more minutes and the main course was not served yet. That was as much as we could stand, 90 minutes from entering the restaurant we decided to quit. We aprroched the owner to pay for our food. We were charged $96.00 for 3 appetizers, no refund for the rest of the order.
    Japaneese food is our family favourite cusine so we go to this type of restaurant quite often. Last friday (friday the 13th ?????)experiance was the worst ever.
    Just to add few details: the place is very small, all together maybe 10 tables, staff: 2 cooks, waiter, owner and one help.
    There is no reason for this type of service. The only excuse would be friday the 13th and the first day of operation.
    I hope they do some adjustment to their operation otherwise I don't see them survive even with limited amount of places to eat in King City.

    1. I went yesterday and it was divine. You on the other hand went KNOWING it's their first day and you give them a mean review?
      Give people a break.

    2. I don't think it's mean...just honest. Are you the gentleman that works there?

    3. It was an honestly impressive experience, I highly recommend trying them out in a new light. They have their bearings now and are ready for it all! Great place.

    4. I think you are being harsh man, my experience was great..

    5. hi to the author of the bad review.its hard enough ot get a new business going let alone so a harsh review.Please go back and tell sean you are the person who had the bad experience prior to opening.I am sure sean will totally change your opinion and please take down the nasty impression

  3. Ouch, killer review! They should have done more to make you happy, I hope you didn't pay that full bill.

    Still will check this place out since it is King City and that is awesome, but my arms will only be half open.

    Top hit on google too for 'paper crane sushi king'. I will come back with a review.


  4. I don't think it's mean...just honest. Are you the gentleman that works there?

  5. Above and beyond my greatest expectations.

    A friend of mine gave me a shout this evening raving about the food, beer and the homely environment.I jumped in the shower and headed down thinking maybe he was a tad tipsy and over dramatic. I have been to a fair number of the many sushi places sprouting up around the aurora, Newmarket and Richmond hill area. To my surprise i was greeted with very welcoming and down to earth staff. Feeling at home and welcome i grabbed a drink greeted my friend and asked the chef to plate me a few of his favorite plates. we began to drink and with in no time we had food in front of us. I enjoyed it all :)

  6. Exceptional food and service! Finally an exceptional, unique restaurant in the hamlet of King. To the residents of King City: support this fantastic restaurant in our dear community. Yes, someone had a bad experience. These people have embraced their learning curve and excelled! Let's support this small, quaint business in King! That's what King is about. Six of us had dinner at The Paper Crane on a Sunday evening and it was outstanding. Well done. You can be sure we'll be back!
    Joanne Elder
    -long time resident of King City

  7. I thought the restaurant was exceptional, the food was great and the building was quaint. Highly recommended!

  8. went to paper crane for the first and honestly thats the best restaurant experience i have had in 20 years.The selection of food was excellent and sean the water was fantastic.I reall enjoy my beer and when all you have to do its tilt your glass for another i am very happy.The chefs gave us a variety of california roll and other tuna specialties that wer truly excellent.Well done to the paper crane team and its my favourite restauarant period.

  9. I'm not certain why people take restaurant reviews so darn personal! I enjoyed the food at paper crane, service was also very good. I am pleased that Paper Crane has opened in King City. I was referred by the lovely people next door to them at the Take Out & Catering place. They had very nice things to say about the food and the staff and they were right. Price point is very very good at Paper Crane and it is not expensive at all to go out for a sushi dinner and that is very important to me and the many seniors that are here in King that are enjoying it or trying it for the first time. Many of my senior friends have been back several times. Good for them. Jim, Elise.

  10. Yes you're right Jim. It seems people are taking that one bad review very personally or even taking the good ones too seriously. Imagine all the incredible articles written on this one website by the talented Barry Wallace. The breathtaking photographs and the well written, historic information that he provides...not ONE comment! You can easily feel his love for King through all of it but ...not ONE comment! He ends each posting with ..."please comment if you wish" but instead everyone reacts because of the one person that expressed himself in poor taste with the first posting about this Sushi restaurant. Very surprising. Please comment if you wish. DB

  11. My wife and I also went on their fri 13th opening and did not wait to be seated as it was obvious they were swamped and we were starving. We did go back and have a fabulous lunch with excelent service. We are King city residents and happy about new restaraunts opening. Looking forward to Locale opening next door> The owners are a Hunsband/Wife team and are adorable to say the leaste and their food is Italian based top notch! I hear they will have a coffee and alcohol bar as well. Can't wait!

  12. I have had my fair share of Japanese food. Sometimes good, but typically the same type and mediocre quality. So believe me when I tell you this place is a gem. The rolls, spicy tuna in particular, are truly top notch. Notice the wasabi. It's not the pasty store bought stuff. Little details like this keep me going back. I like this place so much I called for takeout and their phones were down so I drove there to place my order, which is a big deal during playoff baseball.

  13. I have been to Paper Crane twice now...1st was takeout...2nd time was eat in with friends...excellent food, good service...I highly recommend this place. Good to make a reservation ahead of time, especially on weekends as it is tiny.

    Will return.