Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Clearer pictures

A couple of regular readers of this blog saw my picture (at left) of a berm on the old Finch Farm, at Hwy. 400 and the King-Vaughan Townline.   They just couldn't picture the location of this shot.   They have asked that rather than drive all the way down from the north of King to the south of King to find it, would I show a more revealing photo.   Well, here are a couple of other shots that may help with orientation.The location is the north-west corner of 400 and the townline.
Photos by Barry Wallace
The old Finch Farm is actually in the Town of Vaughan, being on the north side of the King-Vaughan townline, where Lots 1 (both east and west halves), on each concession of King Township, was given over to Vaughan by King.   I believe someone in King, going back many years, thought King could avoid its share of road maintenance, snow-ploughing, etc., by giving up the tax revenue from the few farms along the north side of the townline and letting Vaughan collect what little taxes were at stake!   In Vaughan, such land-fill operations to contain out-door industrial uses seem to be quite legal.   Unfortunately, such operations do nothing for the bucolic appearance of King, when they are on our doorsteps.
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Barry Wallace

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  1. Unbelievable! From the first picture I thought it a natural rock formation but now I see there is nothing natural about it.
    Thanks for the info.