Sunday, September 8, 2013

What the Sam Hill is going on here?!?

Photo by Barry Wallace
'Sam Hill' is a bit of an old-fashioned euphemism for hell.   I don't know who picked this new street name in the King's Ridge subdivision at the north-west corner of the King Road and Dufferin Street, but I just don't believe there was a notable citizen in King City's history named Sam Hill.   I could be wrong, so please correct me if you know that there was a Sam Hill in our village's history.   The street which intersects Sam Hill Crescent at both of its ends is Stan Roots Street.   Stan Roots was my scoutmaster in King City almost 60 years ago and I am delighted to see a new street named after him.  Sam Hill, that needs a bit of research.   You can go online to discover a few interesting  sources for the origin of Sam Hill, as in: "What in the Sam Hill is that?"   If there was a distinguished Sam Hill in King City's past, I hope he was not a man of the cloth.
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  1. We were disappointed with the choice of street names in this neighbourhood as we will reside on sam hill crescent