Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lots of red currants this summer

Photo by B. Wallace
This summer's weather has been a little different than the last few and it has meant a number of changes in the garden.   The red currant bushes, always good producers, have out-done themselves this year.   They were slow to come on but when they did they produced like crazy.   Instead of making jelly, as Linda usually does, I have made red currant juice.   It takes hours to pick the currants, then de-stem them, wash them, quickly cook them and then mash and strain them.   But the resultant juice, chilled and savoured, is a taste sensation.   I've made a litre at a time but it seems to be gone in a day or two.   Linda and I often throw a handful of red currants into our salads also...whether a veggie salad or a fruit salad.   When I was a thirteen-year-old, I spent a year on my grandfather's farm at Churchill, south of Barrie, while our new house was being built in King City.   In the summer I helped my grandmother pick red, white and black currants.   Oh, to relive those days.
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Barry Wallace

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