Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New traffic lights in the west - not in the east

 Photos by Barry Wallace
I wonder why there are new  traffic lights in the west end of the village, on the King Road at the intersection with Burns Blvd. and Charles St., (photo above) where there are a new housing subdivision and condominium apartments.....while at the east side of the village there are no traffic lights on the King Road at the intersection of Stan Roots St. and Spring Hill Dr., (photo below) where there are new housing subdivisions on both the north and south sides of the King Road.   The east side of the village also has schools on both sides of the King Road in the east end: the public school on the north side and the new catholic school on the south side.   There is also a new retail plaza opening soon at the intersection.   I've heard that traffic lights here may be two years away.   One wonders what the rationale is.
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Barry Wallace

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