Sunday, November 16, 2014

Camera on Lake Wilcox today - not King

Photos by Barry Wallace
Today is a departure from the normal in that this blog entry is not about King but about our next door neighbour immediately to the east: Oak Ridges.   Oak Ridges is actually part of northern Richmond Hill and I'm zeroing in on Lake Wilcox in particular.   To be precise, this blog is about the old Sunset Beach Park at the northeast corner of Lake Wilcox.   To begin with the area is now called Lake Wilcox Park and oh what a change has taken place.   The park is not scheduled to be completed until September of 2015.   The undertaking is a triumph of community planning in my opinion, but don't take my word for it.   Besides, words do not do it justice, anyway.   See it for yourself.   If you know where the old Sunset Beach Park was, then you'll know where the Lake Wilcox Park is.   For newcomers to the area, the park and parking lot are are just west of Bayview Avenue, and just south of North Lake Road, on the old Sunset Beach Road (which is now a dead-end at the new park). 

Sculpture garden at the water's edge

New footbridge over East Humber River

One of numerous carved stone aphorisms

Massive metal turtle will be perfect spot for kid pictures

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Barry Wallace

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