Thursday, November 27, 2014

Local gateway with an exotic touch

Photo by Barry Wallace
Camera on King...or Vaughan, as the case may be...
This impressive estate gateway has always caught my eye but I have not taken a photograph of it for this blogspace because it is not in King.   It is however located on the King-Vaughan Townline and for many years it was located in King Township; prior to the Region of York moving Vaughan's northern municipal border one lot north.   That was done so that Vaughan would take on responsibility for maintenance of the east-west road separating the two townships.   These days King is still a township but Vaughan has boomed into "The city above Toronto".   Actually, Vaughan dropped that slogan four years ago.   Anyway, this rural Ontario gateway, while slightly out of sync because of its elephant image, is very attractive and eye-catching.  While only one side of the gateway is shown in this photo, there is of course, a reverse image on the other side of the driveway.   I am a fan. 

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Barry Wallace    

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