Saturday, January 31, 2015

Up on Love Mountain

                                                                                                                                                                                 Photos by Barry Wallace
A brief and chilly hike today on the Love Mountain Nature Reserve revealed a number of features that have appeared on the property donated by Ann and David Love at the intersection of the 7th Concession and the 16th Sideroad.   Immediately noticeable are the Nature Conservancy information and interpretive signs.   There are numerous trails to follow with features such as the boardwalk (pictured below) or nest boxes, including boxes for Wood Ducks in the pond at the edge of the 7th Concession.   I have fond memories of this part of the 'King Ridge', including the earning of my Boy Scouts of Canada First Class Badge on an overnight hiking and camping trip, 60 years ago, with my fellow scout and friend to this day, Donald Gordon.   Back then, up on the Ridge, Don and I felt we were not just six or seven miles from King City.   At the time, the stillness and the solitude made me feel like we were six or seven hundred miles from home.   I can hardly wait for winter to end and warm weather to welcome me back to this bit of heaven.  

A trail passed by dozens and dozens of colourful beehives (above) at one point on my hike and I noticed several bird boxes along the way.   Love Mountain and the Happy Valley areas are home to many bird species, including rarities like the Acadian Flycatcher, Hooded and Cerulean Warblers Red-shouldered Hawk.   On this day, I could hear nearby a very loud Pileated Woodpecker drilling on a tree.  

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Barry Wallace

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