Sunday, February 1, 2015

Not all old barns get torn down

Photo by Barry Wallace
Recently I've been going on about the loss of old King Township wooden barns.   I've run photos of some of the doomed vestiges of older times, but I've also included shots of some completely new barn structures.   There is another category of course: old barns renewed.   Such is the case of the barn above.   It is located on the 15th Sideroad of King, just west of Weston Road.   Size-wise, it is an impressive structure.   It also now impresses with its new board cladding.   The low, late January sun, on the new wooden boards, gives the barn a golden glow.   Some new windows add a somewhat understated but stylish touch.   When I first moved to King City 60 years ago, this farm belonged to Aubrey Marshall.   More recently the farm was home to the 'Forget-me-knots', a 3-generation extended family that lived together and became well-known in this area as a Von Trapp-style family (of Sound of Music fame) musical group.   The farm was up for sale in 2014.   I am assuming the property now has a new owner who has restored the massive barn.
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Barry Wallace  

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