Sunday, July 21, 2019

King's first public off-leash dog park...

Photos by Barry Wallace
King's Township's first municipal off-leash dog park will open soon in King City, on land to the southwest of the King Road and Keele Street, and west of the GOTrain railway line.  There is access to the dog park by the footpath at the north end of Hogan Court.   There is also a north/south walking trail and storm-water retention pond,  close by between Hogan Court and the railway line.   The divided and fenced dog park seems to be two parks in one.   I'm not sure but the separated yet connected parks are entered by a main gate and then two other gates.   Perhaps the arrangement is to accommodate dogs that don't get along together and can be separated, or perhaps one side will be used until the grass needs refurbishment  for a short period, at which time the other side will be opened and used.  However, the off-leash dog park(s) is not ready to use until the grass seed has taken hold.  I expect there will be announcement of the opening in the near future.  

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Barry Wallace

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