Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Laskay Hall Raspberry Social returns...

King City's 'man-about-town' Ed Millar (right) knows his way around a raspberry social.  Here he is seen with raspberry pie, fresh raspberries and vanilla ice cream, helping himself to lemonade.        

Photos by Barry Wallace

King Township mayor, and ladies man, Steve Pellegrini is seen with a friend escorting him to a picnic table to enjoy the raspberry feast.

Judy Leeming of Aurora, and sister Mary, visiting from the US., come from the Scott family, a large and venerable King Township family. 

Mary Scott (right, above) is a King Township 90+ gal who has seen her share of raspberry socials over many years.   She is seen here enjoying another one with her cousin, Linda Wallace, of King City.

Raspberries are good but blowing bubbles is really neat.

Many thanks to whoever ordered the perfect weather.

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Barry Wallace

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