Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I am so fortunate...

Photo by Barry Wallace
I finished writing a couple of blogs yesterday afternoon and got up and thought about Easter Sunday dinner.   No problem.   It was to be a bowl of Smoky Split Pea Soup from the 'Soup Girl' in Caledon, Ontario.   It was to be my first easter dinner without my dear wife, Linda, who passed away five months ago.   The phone rang and it was my neighbour Rob, from across the street.   He asked if I preferred white or dark turkey meat.   Beggars can't be choosers, so I mumbled: either one...I like them both.   Shortly thereafter, there was a knock at the door and Rob was standing there with two plastic containers. One contained a turkey dinner, including  white and dark turkey slices, mashed potatoes, stuffing, carrots and gravy (see photo above) and the other container held two pieces of peach pie.   There was enough turkey that I was able to set aside big chunks for a hot turkey sandwich for Easter Monday's lunch.   I am so darned lucky, considering the troubling times we live in, to have friends and neighbours like Rob, and his wife Mary.   And then there is Cindy; another neighbour from across the street who has gifted me with soup, baked goods, cookies and treats, regularly.   I am humbled, blessed and so grateful to these wonderful folks.
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Barry Wallace


  1. Thoughtful neighbours, a lovely lunch. Belated condolences.

  2. Dear Barry, I had no idea that Linda had passed away. I'm so sorry. Please accept my belated condolences. Glad you have nice neighbors. God bless you all.