Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Ancient Presbyterian Church Cemetery...

 Photos by Barry Wallace
This cemetery is found 2 kilometers south-west of Schomberg on the northwest corner of the 11th Concession and the 18th Sideroad.   It was the final resting place of 54 mostly Scottish and Irish settlers, among which 22 of the graves were for members of the Gould family (see bottom photo).   

This gravestone marks the resting place, in 1871, of Albert Coulter, the 2-month-old son of  John and Sarah Coulter.  Sadly, infant deaths' such as Albert's were all too common in pioneer times.   A Presbyterian church once stood on this site before being demolished, circa 1925.  

Three of these photos show how several graves are covered each autumn as wild apples from old trees fall to the cemetery grounds.

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Barry Wallace


  1. Kind of sad that nobody maintains the site unlike the concrete cross on the west side Keele Street just north of Teston Road. SOmebody takes the time to wrap it in plastic each fall before winter sets in.

  2. There is a web page where people volunteer to go around to local cemeteries take the names and dates and a photograph of the head stones and then list them on the page. So if you have a great Aunt that had lived in the Tillsonburg area you'd type in the name and location and a list of cemeteries would come up that you could scroll through. If her grave was in one of them and it had been recorded , you could view the headstone. I know a person who volunteers for this in the Arthur area - its kind of interesting