Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Highway 9 ~ west of Highway 400...

 Photos by Barry Wallace

An addition to local historic landmark 

Pictured above is a roadside plaque on the north side of Highway 9 in the Holland Marsh, erected by the King Township Historical Society many years ago.   It commemorates the establishment of a portage between Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe, used by Huron indigenous people for centuries before European explorers arrived here.  Beside it (seen below) is a latter-day plaque installed that serves a similar purpose but which includes an engraved geographic representation of the route of the historic Carrying Place portage.  This particular plaque is to found at other sites along the historic portage route.

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Barry Wallace


  1. Barry what is the condition of the East Humber? I suspect that the seemingly endless growth of its surrounding area with small marshes and tributaries get drained and backfilled over time it would impact the river. One tributary I remember as a kid was just east of where the library is today. I believe it flowed from a marshy area on the south side of King Rd., north to under the railway tracks and into the Humber. I remember catching fish from that "creek". I'm sure there are many others like it that fed the river.

  2. Hello Robert. The TRCA prepared and published a Humber River Watershed Plan way back in 2008. Because of the Covid 19 outbreak, The TRCA offices are closed. It was intention to see if any official update to the 12-year-old plan exists. I'll follow it up in the near future, hopefully. The 2008 plan had many praise-worthy attributes, but development pressures are always intense. My impression is that it might be a 'one-step forward, two steps back" process when it comes to the environment/development reality. Meanwhile, my casual observation of the Humber today, is that it is still healthy, but for how long?