Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Kettleby Cemetery...

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Stone cemetery monument serves as a  bench

I usually visit the larger cemeteries in King Township every six months or so, to see if anything new presents itself that I think may be interesting in this space.  My latest discovery was the very large stone monument, pictured above, with the name Hancock engraved on it.   It has been constructed to serve as a bench, presumably for anyone visiting the cemetery.   There is a regular Hancock gravestone nearby.  Below are two other photos I took.   The one immediately below, shows one of the massive, towering spruce trees, that appears to be close to 30 metres, or more, tall.   The non-denominational cemetery was established in 1890, with the first burial taking place in the following year.   It wouldn't surprise me to discover that today's towering spruce trees were planted 120 to 130 years ago.

As is the case in most cemeteries, grave markers come in all shapes and sizes and designs.   The unusual, metal one above caught my eye on the western edge of the 6.6 acre burial ground property.

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Barry Wallace

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  1. Hey Barry I was at Terra today and noticed an active hawk's nest right across the road from their driveway.