Friday, May 1, 2020

Oak Ridges Trail - near Marylake

                                                                                                    Photos by Barry Wallace
Between Jane Street and Marylake
The Oak Ridges Trail, east of Jane Street, is found about a few hundred metres south of the 15th Sideroad, south of Sacred Heart.   It meanders along an ancient 8' high fence, that once surrounded a herd of dear belonging to Sir Henry Pellatt.   There are huge spruce, pine and birch trees here, many dead, and the trail itself is filled with many roots.   The trail is well-trodden, somewhat up and down, but a fairly easy hike.   It heads due east for about 1/2 kilometre where it joins the trail heading northward to the Pine Farms Apple Orchard and Cafe, or heads south-west toward Marylake.   Turning around here and heading back to Jane Street makes for a short hike, but visually impressive.

Watch your step

Above left, a Mourning Cloak  ~ above right, an Eastern Comma

Owl image?

Work of a Pileated Woodpecker?

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Barry Wallace


  1. There are some stunning images Barry. I had no idea that a Pileated would work so close the the ground.

    Hey when should i put out my Hummingbird feeder? I always seem to be too late every year.

  2. Put them up this weekend, Warren.
    Regards, Barry