Wednesday, December 9, 2020


Photo by Barry Wallace
I went to the liquor store today to get a case of wine for Christmas.   I already had red wine at home, so today was for white wine, including some sparkling wine.   I made my selections, went to the cashier and she asked me if I wanted the wine in a box.   "Sure", I said.   She loaded up the 12 bottles into a box, smiled, and gave me a cheery send-off.  There was a time when I could load-up a case of wine, under one arm, and be merrily on my way.   Now, in my 80th year, I have to use two arms to hold onto a 33 lb. box of wine.   Plus I have to scrunch down and waddle across the parking lot to my car.  Fortunately, with my car, I just have to wave my foot under the rear bumper, and the hatchback door opens automatically. Today, I had to wave my foot back and forth a half a dozen times, while standing on one foot, before the darned door would was a bit frozen I guess.  Did I mention that the box of wine weighed 33 lbs.?   Then I had to repeat the procedure when I got home.  All's well that ends well however, and I poured myself a glass of prosecco to celebrate my safe arrival (see photo above).  Here's hoping you might enjoy a sip of bubbly at Christmas.
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Barry Wallace 



  1. A good outcome for sure Barry. I love the glass! Was that hand painted my someone for you?

  2. You know you're old when - the cashier at the grocery store asks you "would you like a hand out with those sir?"

  3. Nice story, made me laugh (sorry). But I loved the the prosecco in that beautiful glass and say to you too: CHEERS, my friend. May you always have an excuse to celebrate.