Thursday, December 31, 2020

I believe Jack Fraser lived here...

Photos by Barry Wallace
Founder of Jack Fraser Menswear 
lived in Temperanceville at one time?
When I was a young man back in the 1960s, Jack Fraser Mens Wear was a well-known chain for buying men's clothing.  The business was founded in 1926 by Jack Fraser in Toronto's east-end and the chain of stores was purchased in 1967 by Grafton & Co.   Eventually Jack Fraser stores numbered 80 and were found in every Canadian province.   In 2005, the decision was taken to retire the Jack Fraser name and all stores became known as Tip Top Tailors stores.  Today Grafton Fraser Inc. includes 150 stores under four different retail business names.
I've lived in King for about 65 years and had been told that the property on the west side of Temperanceville, about a 1/4 mile north of the King Road was owned by the Jack Fraser family.  The photos herewith are of the noteworthy gateway to the large, longtime residence, in the style of centuries-old English black and white timber/construction.   
I have no idea who lives here in 2020.  Moreover, I can't say for sure that any of the Jack Fraser family ever did live here.  Nevertheless, it is a King Township landmark of note and I stand to be corrected by anyone with historical reference.

Please comment if you wish.
Barry Wallace


  1. Wow memory lane with Jack Fraser. I remember buying clothes there and from Tip Top who used to have a factory on Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto near the Ex.

    Thanks for the retro post Barry, and Happy New Year to you!

  2. I recall an Allison Fraser in my class (50's) at the Doris M Patton school (Keele N.) She was from the Jack Fraser family that lived on Bathurst. All I remember about her is lots of red hair. If me memory is correct -we're talking over 60 years ago- there was a small school on Bathhurst that I think closed down back then and she and a number of other kids transferred to D.M.P.

  3. Barry - Allison and Jack attended High School in King City. They still live around here.

  4. Barry - yes the family did indeed live in that lovely home! I knew Allison through a mutual friend. (They were just a bit younger than me.) And her Dad was "the" Jack Fraser. I was always impressed that she was not the least bit snobby etc. Just a nice, ordinary person. Once my friend and I picked Allison up to go somewhere or other (possibly the A & W in Richmond Hill). We waited in the main entryway for her and at the time I found it quite grand - like an old country manor. Every time I drive by there I enjoy seeing it and am glad it's still there in its elegant glory. :-)