Thursday, January 7, 2021

Northern end of Bathurst Street in King...

Photos by Barry Wallace
Pictured above is the northern terminus of Bathurst Street and the northernmost point of King Township.   The scene is 5 kilometres north of Highway 11 (Yonge Street), about halfway between Bradford and Holland Landing.   I arrived here on Wednesday morning, after having spotted clear skies and SUN! well north of King City.   Not having seen the sun for what seemed like two weeks, I decided to head north.   It was sunny at the end of Bathurst Street but clouded over again before I turned around and headed home.   I took a couple pictures (see below) of the 'religious' marina on the Holland River, at the end of Bathurst Street. The Holland River stretches, from this point, another 6 kilometres north to Cookes Bay on Lake Simcoe.

Pictured at right is a scene at the end of Bathurst Street which shows the skies being clouded over once more, thus ending my search for sunny skies.   Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

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Barry Wallace

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  1. So Barry , when are you going to do the north end of Younge St.?