Monday, January 18, 2021

The Marylake 'spruceway'

All photos by Barry Wallace
Anyone who has walked or driven into Marylake, on Keele Street, north of King City, recently or over the last many years, will recognize the summer scene above.   The long drive is bordered on each side by monumental spruce trees creating what has become a landmark.   Unfortunately, time takes a toll and many of these decades-old spruces are past their prime and are being blown down (see photos below).   One is left momentarily wondering what is to become of this arboreal treasure.

Immediately above and below is the latest spruce blow-down on the road into Marylake.

The spruce pictured immediately above is still erect but the tree's needles, bark and limbs, and most of its trunk are dead.

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Barry Wallace



  1. As a kid hanging out on the corner , you'd feel quite important been able to give lost pilgrims directions to Mary Lake.

  2. I really like your recollection Robert.
    I was always impressed as a youngster just hearing the name 'Marylake'.
    Later on, I learned that my late wife Linda's great, great grandparents,
    William and Elizabeth Scott lived at Marylake in the mid-1800s

    1. sad that this is happening to those trees.